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04:58 - 28/02/2013


So the moment we’ve ALL been waiting for has finally arrived. The collections from Balenciaga are what I always look forward to the most during the fashion weeks, for me Balenciaga is, and has always been my absolute favorite brand (with that said, I know I’m not the only one with love for the house of Balenciaga) so when the word was out about Nicolas Ghesquière leaving I was almost heartbroken (I’m not even kidding, ask my boss what my face looked like when reading the news). There were rumours about Christopher Kane taking over which quickly turned out to be false as Alexander Wang was named the new chief designer. Now, for me, Nicolas Ghesquière is irreplaceable, with his 15 years at the house, no designer or brand have inspired me so much during such a long period of time as Ghesquiére for Balenciaga. For me it was kind of odd to go for an american designer but to be honest, it kind of felt like no one could fill Ghesquière’s place anyway so it might as well be someone totally different, no? And now, after much anticipation the first collection is shown to the world. So what do I think? It’s a well put together collection and Wang refers to classic Balenciaga silhouettes and structures, as well as prints. He’s put a great effort in to keeping true Balenciaga features and the textures feel modern, in that sense a perfect match between Balenciaga and Wang, since Wang has a great eye for new materials. It certainly feels more grown up that what he has done before. Is it mind blowing? No. Nicolas Ghesquiére’s magic is still deeply missed, of course. But let’s remember, Wang hasn’t an easy task to take care of here and over all I do think he’s done a great job. What do you think?

12:08 - 28/02/2013

Molami asked if they could follow me a couple of days at work both in London and Stockholm and here’s the result! I’m talking a bit about my daily inspirations and a bit about my work. I must say though, I was so sick when doing the interview (we’re talking HIGH fever) so my voice is kind of weird and my English isn’t the best. But I do speak a lot about the most important inspirations and they way I think regarding styling so check it out!

Molami frågade om de fick haka på mig under jobb i London och Stockholm och här är resultatet! Jag pratar lite om var jag hittar inspiration (musik är ju givetvis en stor del av det för mig) och om hur jag tänker kring styling. Måste dock bara tillägga att jag var SÅ sjuk när intervjun gjordes (vi snackar 39 graders feber) så min röst är lite off och engelskan är inte på topp men det bjussar jag på! Ta en kik!

11:32 - 28/02/2013


Current obsession: Vernis In Love from Lancôme in the shade “Rouge reglisse”. Love the color.

På mina naglar just nu: Vernis In Love från Lancôme i nyansen “Rouge reglisse”. Älskar denna färg!



03:02 - 27/02/2013


STYLEBY #15, shot by Tobias Lundkvist, styling by me.

You haven’t missed out on this issue of STYLEBY, right? This is from an editorial I styled (remember this?), one of my favorite looks actually. Also, I love the hair (done by Sofia Ringberger), really want my hair to look that way..

Ni har väl inte missat att haffa STYLEBY #15!? Den här bilden är från ett jobb jag har stylat (kommer ni ihåg?) till detta nummer och det är en av de looks jag är mest nöjd med. Älskar också håret (som Sofia Ringberger gjort), måste få till det där svallet!

06:39 - 26/02/2013


Re see at Gucci to take a closer look at the collection.


As I mentioned before, there’s a lot of snakeskin in this collection. There’s a lot of snakeskin and fur in the fall collections in general (to be frank I don’t think I’ve ever seen this much of it during one season and Paris is yet to come), which is kind of overwhelming and morbid of course but I do report on the trends, so don’t shoot the messenger.


Also, a lot of feather and embellishments in the evening wear at Gucci.


Anja Rubik leading the finale at the Gucci show.


The casting at MaxMara.

Max Mara

One of my absolute favorite pieces from the collection (I have quite a few from this collection though) -a midnight blue, velvet wrap top. Beautiful!


At the Max Mara show. The collection includes 40 pieces of outerwear (!), which were very strong. Big statementcoats are BIG this fall.


Max Mara again.


At the Dsquared2 show, next to Aurora Sansone and Anna Dello Russo.



At Dsquared2, wearing jacket, knit, skirt and shoes from Dsquared2 pre fall, bag from YSL.



Loved this look at Bottega Veneta.


Details of day 3: shoes by Stella McCartney, pants from Whyred. Pic by Vogue Paris.


Lite random bilder från Milano. Kommer en större trendrapport när Paris modevecka är över. Sen vill jag bara tillägga att jag försöker att skriva på både engelska och svenska i varje inlägg men ibland har jag helt enkelt för mycket att göra och där med väldigt lite tid att hinna med ett inlägg på så då tänker jag att det är bättre att jag skriver så att alla förstår. Men så ni vet, jag kommer att fortsätta skriva även på svenska så ofta jag bara kan!



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