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Jag får ofta frågor om vilka hårprodukter jag använder, om jag färgar håret och var jag klipper mig och sanningen är att jag bryr mig inte så där supermycket om mitt hår, jag gillar inte att fixa för mycket och har aldrig färgat håret men det finns några få produkter jag använder och två av dem är dessa. Gillar ju lite naturligt ruffs och denna saltvattenspray är faktiskt den bästa jag har testat, jag tycker att många gör håret för “strävt” men denna ger det bara lite extra textur och gör så att det går att forma håret lite lättare utan att det för den sakens skull känns smutsigt. Serumet tar jag i när håret har självtorkat lite så att det får en fin glans.

OCH det bästa av allt är att jag får lotta ut dessa till er fina läsare! Jag har 20 kit, skriv bara namn och mailadress i kommentarsfältet nedan. Go go go!

Just det, glöm inte att kika in på Toni & Guy-bloggen, där du bland annat kan kika på när jag får håret fixat under modeveckan i London, kolla på en intervju med Matthew Williamson angående hans höstkollektion och ta del utav allmän hårinspiration. HÄR hittar du den!


I get many questions about my daily hair routin, what products I use, if I color my hair and so on and the answer is I don’t really like to do that much, I’ve never coloured it and I don’t use that many hair products but I do have 2 favorites of mine and you can see them above! I like my hair when it’s it has that sort of undone feel to it so I use the sea salt spray. It’s actually the best one I’ve tried so far, it adds that extra texture and helps you creat the right shape but without giving that unclean feel to it (which I think many sea salt sprays do). I use the serum when my hair still is a bit wet after showering, just to give it a bit of glow.

SO, of course I have a treat for you guys! Toni & Guy have given me 40 products (20 sea salt texturising sprays and 20 shine gloss serums) to give to you lovely ladies (and fellas, of course)! Just write your name and email address below to take part in this contest! Go go go!

Fashion 7 days ago Fanny Nord

Countdown! I hope you’re just excited as we are for the upcoming Fashion Weeks. We are taking you through the best shows every day, from Stockholm to Paris. We also have a bunch of interviews with fashion-profiles and designers to share with you. Make yourself comfortable and we’ll take you through the highlights of 2015’s fashion […]

Culture 1 week ago Fanny Nord

A bunch of thrilled guest arrived at skyddsrummet on Friday 16th January lusting for a after party only Saurabh x Fashion Networks can throw. More known as the best annual party ever. So just like the awards winners that we are we wanna give a huge thanks, on behalf of Saurabhs dog malte, to the […]

Fashion 2 weeks ago Fanny Nord

Valentino makes us longing for spring and summer with these seashore ads for Spring/Summer 2015. The memaid-looking models are Maartje Verhoef, Grace Simmons, Hedvig Palm, Vanessa Moody and Clémentine Deraedt. The shot took place in the woods of Punta Alauscany on Tuscany and the young unseen Michal Pudelka was chosen by the Valentino designers Maria Grazia […]

Fashion 2 weeks ago Sofia Chowdhury

Stella McCartney takes a seventh spin with Natalia Vodianova as the face of the Spring 2015 campaign. Not that we are complaining! Natalia is working looks full-length and close-ups with the metallic Falabella bags like the pro she is. The campaign was shot by the London based rookie photographer Harley Weir in Ibiza and styled […]

Fashion 2 weeks ago admin

Jourdan Dunn is finally on the cover for Vogue UK, looking glorious as always. Even though the cover could have been mistaken for some housekeeping magazine, it proves that Jourdan Dunn is one of UK’s greatest models. For the February issue Jourdan is wearing a Prada dress with a romantic glow that embraces her, making this cover just as […]

Culture 2 weeks ago admin

The parties of all the parties will be held in Stockholm on Friday. An annual and legendary event signed by Saurabh Sinha and Fashion Networks together with world-class sponsors each year. With the host’s magic cards for each party (this year it’s something that has to do with tech) and an impressive guest list, the party is […]

Fashion 2 weeks ago Fanny Nord

Hurray! 10-years-anniversary for Stella McCartney x adidas and they continue to create awesome workout-wear for us. The point of this collection is to reach out to younger sport-jocks and by that, doing the collection more affordable. The prices are between €17 to €85. They want to bring the same cool, luxury feeling that the older […]

Fashion 2 weeks ago Sofia Chowdhury

Yesterday Kim Kardashian West dropped the first look of her Vogue Australia cover, which in total will be her second Vogue cover! The first one, which was widely criticized, was wedding themed for Vogue US together with her husband Kanye West. For Vogue Australia Kim dons a breezy white palette with the words “honest, proud & endearing” describing […]

Fashion 3 weeks ago Sofia Chowdhury

The epic Marc Jacobs Spring 2015 campaign have leaked and features an impressive army of nine moody models donning the Spring-collection together with chunky black bobs and no-makeup makeup as they did in the show. Kendall Jenner who received a lot of love from designers during the Spring 2015 fashion week joins supermodels Karlie Kloss, Adriana Lima, Joan […]